RJ’s Steakhouse was established in 1980 with its first outlet in Umhlanga. Since then the brand has undergone a major transformation. Seven years ago the Franchise was purchased by the new Franchisor and this ultimately resulted in the “new look” family Steakhouse and recently added the Grill Express/Diner concepts. Making us the most innovative brand currently listed, with regards to making it affordable for the average person to start a successful career in the exciting world of the fast food industry. The RJ’s heritage and culture is a unique story of success in the Steakhouse fraternity within the KZN over the past 33 years and has established itself as a heavyweight in the food and beverage industry.

From the products that has a unique flavour and taste to the set up of our restaurants and catering for all families at the same time. WOW what a ride it has been. In the current economic climate that people are struggling to make ends meet, this is a perfect opportunity to have your own business and earning an income. The success of your enterprise is entirely up to you, the individual. Provided you have the passion and determination to “drive” success in this market.

Now here we have an exciting and affordable way of starting a business for the average person that has the knowhow and desire to be an entrepreneur. From school leavers to the established business man that want to expand his or her horizons. This is also an opportunity for the private sector to create jobs and grant the average South African a chance of success in the business world and launch a career in the very competitive world of FAST FOODS.
The success of any Fast Food out let is derived from the quality of the products and of course, speed of service, hence the wording........Fast Foods. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products but over the years of catering at various events across KZN....... Splashy Fen, A1 Grand Prix, Margate Air Show to name but a few, we have perfected the phrase......Fast Foods. With the experience gained by catering at these events, we have perfected the speed of service and from order to delivering the product to the guest..... will take all of two minutes. This is fact, not fiction!!!

Now......... YOU CAN STAY AS YOU ARE, OR YOU CAN CHANGE !!! Give us a call and let our experience lead you on a path of success. Owning your own business or in some instances, expanding your existing business into a lucrative investment has never been this easy. We, as the Franchisor will provide you with all the tools, training and back up required to move a step in the right direction, all of this will be explained to you in more detail by just contacting us at Head Office.

Basic start-up Grill express of about 45-55 sq metre costs R849 000.00 excluding vat. This price is based on the landlord providing ceilings, shop-fronts, plumbing 1st fix,3 phase power, lighting and air-conditioners.

Includes all equipment, extractor fans, lit up menu boards, signage, counters, central kitchens opening stock and franchise fees.

Excludes internal and external seating, branded umbrellas and coffee machine(rented) and trading stock.

Also excludes any extras required by Centre management and/or landlord and any extras required by the local municipality’s by-laws e.g.
Fire dampers
Gas leak detection
Blue galvanised steel for ducting

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